Social Business Intelligence

Social Business Intelligence Report

One of our Social Business Intelligence solution: Maps to identify interest areas and prospects.

Our team has been working on business intelligence tools since Google was a tiny Web site competing with AltaVista, Excite and Lycos.

Tools are faster today, and we can find out what your customers and potential customer search for, where they go for recommendations and how they share their feedback on your products and services.

Our social media listening service can analyze the sentiment of the community and with our geo-location tools, rank the sentiment by zip code.

It is all about Keywords

There is a lot of consolidation in the industry as enterprise companies acquire social analytics startups. All of them have business intelligence software with colorful dashboards that only understands what you tell the software to listen for.

If you want to understand the content that your customers and prospects are looking for, you need to start with keyword research and search demand data.

Some of us search from our desktop computer, others from smartphone, even wearable devices like Google Glass. And while the search engines continue to evolve each day to understand the user intent and provide the best answer to their search question, keywords are the foundation to the signals that search engines are looking for regardless of the device we use to search.

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