Shaq using my Google Glass #CES2014 #ThroughGlass

With Shaq after the Google Glass demo!

With Shaq after the Google Glass demo!

Who needs a cute puppy when you have Google Glass?! I didn’t realize how much attention my Google Glass would get me at CES 2014. I would like to think that people are coming up to me because they know I am “SocialJulio” and want my photo but that’s only in Colombia (grin). Since few people have Google Glass or know someone who does, my “glasses” are getting me noticed. I feel like a walking advertisement for Google since so many people are asking me about them and want to try them out. Perhaps I should start charging to cover the expense of this nifty device I was fortunate to get an invitation to buy. I know my wife would like that.

Google Glass is a wearable computer being developed by Google that displays information in a smartphone-like format and communicates with the internet via voice commands. The Glasses allow you to do everything from taking photos and videos to finding the best show in Vegas through the commands given. Currently the only way to buy Google Glass is through invitation.

Since arriving to Vegas, I have been using my Google Glass to capture photos and videos at the different CES 2014 venues. When I was picking up my CES press backpack Sunday night, the person at the registration desk asked me about the wearable device and if she could try them out. Little did I know that over 20 journalists would come up to me after that with the same request. Everyone wants to try the Google Glass on and take their photo while wearing them.

My favorite Google Glass moment happened Monday morning. I was at the Monster Products press conference where Shaquille O’Neal (@Shaq) and Nick Cannon (@NickCannon) spoke about their partnership with the headphone and high performance cable manufacturer. At the end of the presentation I got close to the stage in order to get better video with my Google Glass. Check out the below video to see what happened next!

Nick Cannon knew right away what they were when other press members were asking what it was and said, “Some people got them. I went to Google and they gave people that.” After showing Shaq how to use the glasses, he wanted to know how he could get a pair. I told him they were not available to the public yet and they were sold by invitation only but I am sure a phone call will get him a pair. So Google, Shaq will probably be calling soon but you might need to make them a little bigger. #IHopeMyGoogleGlassStayOnMyFaceNow

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