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Jeff Cutler Spacer Jeff Cutler, Director of Content Strategy
After a harrowing college career where Mr. Cutler dabbled in politics and finance, he emerged with a journalism degree and some healthy skepticism. Mr. Cutler worked for New England Sports Network and more big brands than he can remember. Then he realized that life is about having some fun and wandered into the fishbowl people call social media.

In late 2008, Mr. Cutler was tweeting about the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. founding partner Julio Fernandez saw the tweets and scheduled a meeting during CES where he asked Mr. Cutler to write a few articles for a new content network. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mr. Cutler is the Director of Content Strategy for, a marketing agency that combines search engine optimization with influencer outreach and social technologies to deliver measurable effects. Turning ideas into words is Mr. Cutler’s specialty. From marketing and advertising copy to taglines and customer profiles, Mr. Cutler helps clients develop collateral that drives business and sales.

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