100 Targeted Keywords for Your Web Site

100 Targeted Keywords for Your Web Site, pay with Bitcoin

100 Targeted Keywords for Your Web Site, pay with Bitcoin

Here is your chance buy the search optimization and content marketing reports we offer our Fortune 500 clients at a significant discount when you pay with Bitcoins.

Once you know the top 100 keywords and phrases that you should use on your Web site, you can increase the signals Google can find about your products and services.

More signals = more opportunities to increase your search ranking.

For only two Bitcoins, our SocialShelfspace.com team will review your Web site, your competitors, and the search demand from desktop search and mobile search for the past 12 months.

What we need from you:

  • Your Web site
  • Up to five Web sites you feel are competitors to your business
  • Payment of two Bitcoins.
  • Your email to send you the SEO keyword research report

Just click the button below and the online form will guide you to pay two Bitcoins for this SEO service!

Pay With Bitcoin

To increase our industry’s awareness of Bitcoins, we will use all of the Bitcoin payments to purchase advertising related services. Feel free to email me if you have any questions: Julio@SocialShelfspace.com

Keywords and phrases in English only. We need 3 business days to run the reports, pull the search demand and make the recommendations. We will send you the report as an Excel spreadsheet to the email address you gave us. We reserve the right to end this offer.

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Bitcoin Chart

Julio Fernandez

I am a proven marketing leader that has had the opportunity to grow with the industry. My work with traditional newspaper publishing in 1992 evolved to online newspapers in 1997. My email marketing work for the largest database company in the world grew to managing seven-figure budgets for online advertising, search optimization and management of social media accounts in early 2007, when “to tweet” for most people was the chirp of a young bird. I’m an early adopter of technology and very active in different social media channels. In early 2012, I wanted to integrate social business into client's strategies and decided to set up Content Marketing Agency SocialShelfspace.com How can we help you?