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Social Interactions Map

Zoom in or out to see local and national interactions. Available layers: Clusters, Intensity, Posts and Time-lapse. Click on a “post” to see the interaction source. Click the URL and see the actual interaction from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Instagram. By Region: Central California. By language: Portuguese. Topics: Phones For additional information, contact Julio Fernandez

Social Business Intelligence

Our SocialShelfspace.com team has been working on business intelligence tools since Google was a tiny Web site competing with AltaVista, Excite and Lycos. Tools are faster today, and we can find out what your customers and potential customer search for, where they go for recommendations and how they share their feedback on your products and…

Book: Age of Context

In this new era, our devices know when to wake us up early because it snowed last night; they contact the people we are supposed to meet with to warn them we’re running late. They even find content worth watching on television.

Evolution of SEO

Our own Julio Fernandez was a guest at the monthly Destin Business Forum TV show with host Amy Perry, Chairman-Elect of the Destin Area Chamber of Commerce.