What is content marketing and search engine optimization?

We can help you find and create the content that your users want to read and share!

We can help you find and create the content that your users want to read and share!

The recent popularity of “content marketing” makes it seem as if a new cure-all strategy was found to engage customers, increase brand awareness and acquire leads. The reality is that leading companies have been using content marketing for over 100 years.

Manufacturer of agricultural machinery John Deere started publishing The Furrow magazine back in 1895 and is still in circulation today. The only difference now is that we have a lot more media platforms to distribute content on, and better tracking tools.

Customers are asking: “Why should I visit that Web site?”

Our editors at SocialShelfspace.com understand that targeted and valuable content is the proper way to engage customers and prospects. If your content is not relevant to your intended audience and doesn’t have a clear call to action to your customers, your effort is wasted and will have no purpose in your marketing plan.

Quality content in your brand’s voice is extremely important and should be at the top of your marketing plan. And by content, we are not only referring to articles and information on your company Web site, but also relevant photos, videos, blogs, infographics, podcasts and more using social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. You must make your content readably shareable so you can reach an even larger targeted audience.

But what is the content that your customers and prospects want to read and share? With over a decade in content creation experience, our team has developed the methodology to capture the search intent and identify the keywords that will reach your audience and send the signals the search engines are looking for.

Case Studies: Content creation opportunities with sporting events

SocialShelfspace.com can identify the search demand for the different sports and athletes associated with the Winter Olympics.

Sochi 2014 Search Demand

Sochi 2014 Search Demand

For example, Biathlon, the sport that combines cross-country skiing with small-caliber rifle marksmanship, has the 7th highest search demand of the fifteen sports disciplines that took place during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.

To continue the methodology of keyword research for content creation, let’s take a look at the Biathlon search demand.

Biathlon Search Demand

Biathlon Search Demand

The data shows that “biathlon rifle” has the same search demand as “Tim Burke,” the American athlete became the first US biathlete to lead the overall Biathlon World Cup.

We also see there is search demand for other biathlon athletes like Andrea Henkel, the German athlete who won four Olympic medals.

German Miriam Gossner, American Susan Dunklee, French Martin Fourcade and Belarusian Darya Domracheva also made the list of athletes associated with the biathlon topic. Even the typo “biatlon” is one of the top topics associated with the sport.

While we do not recommend that you should create content with typos, it is important to be aware of the search demand and use it to optimize videos and buy the typos via PPC campaigns.

Our team can dig deeper to find the subtopics related with each athlete. The chart below has the topics associated with Lolo Jones, the American track and field athlete who made the USA bobsled team for the Winter Olympics.

Lolo Jones Search Demand

Lolo Jones Search Demand

The chart has fifteen of the 180 topics related to Lolo Jones that should be used for content creation and optimization.

Some interesting findings are that “Lolo Jones Images” has nine times the search demand than “Lolo Jones pictures.” We also found that users want to know about Jones’ “parents” and her “ethnicity,” subtopics that we do not see with other athletes.

Scientific Editorial Process

The keywords and phrases we collect from our proprietary tools guide our editorial process to write about what people are searching for while maintaining your brand’s voice. Our editors write keyword rich articles, create better scripts for YouTube videos, select the best hashtags for social media outreach and buy the right keywords for search engine marketing campaigns. We can identifying real influencers that cover your topics and can amplify your voice via content sharing on sites that will reach your audience.

We know that companies have limited resources; our experience and tools allow our editors to concentrate on the topics with the highest search demand first and combine that with relevant content. Before you allocate your budget to traditional advertising or run ads on the latest social media channels, consider SocialShelfspace.com for keyword research, content creation and distribution.

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